Planning a big wedding can be stressful. The pressure of needing to put on an event, spend a ton of money that you don’t have or don’t want to spend, all the opinions, keeping everyone happy. The thought of it all is overwhelming.

If this sounds like anything you might be feeling like, getting eloped is for you!

For the longest time, I feel like eloping had this stigma around it, that you didn’t tell anyone about it and you secretly escaped to Las Vegas, and got married in an Elvis chapel without telling anyone. Well, guess what, times have changed!

Getting eloped doesn’t need to be done secretly [well it can!] but the absolute best part about having an elopement is that it can be exactly how you want it to be! You can have family there, some friends or it can be just the two of you.  That is the beauty of eloping, you can plan it exactly how you want it.

The one thing that couples are worried about with eloping is not including their friends and family in all of it. You can still have a reception at another time and celebrate with all of them. We can even create a bomb slideshow for you to share you elopement photos with everyone!

So, how do you go about starting to plan for an elopement? Once you’ve decided you want to elope, the fun part begins. Let’s get planning!


My elopement coverage starts at 4 hours of coverage and can be up to 2 days of coverage or even an entire weekend if you’re having some of your people there with you. It really is up to you how you’d like to plan your elopement. We’ll photograph you getting ready, sharing your vows with one another and then go adventure around and take some epic photos of the two of you just married. If you’re having a few guests attending, we can come cover the celebration. There are so many ways to create an epic elopement experience, it’s not just for big weddings. We can make a whole day of it!


The best place to start planning is choosing where and when you want to get married. A national park, your favorite spot in the mountains, by the ocean, the possibilities are endless. You can literally get married anywhere you want. Not sure where to elope, we’ve got you. I’ve got a million recommendations of epic spots for you to choose from. Once you figure out where you want to get married, you’ll want decided what time of year you want to elope and works best for that location.


Once you have your date nailed down, we’ll want to figure out what locations you’d like to have photos. Whether that means we split your day and meet up at sunrise and then do your vows closer to sunset. The day can be planned any way you want. I’ll help you with all of the photo timing logistics so that you can get the best possible photos of your elopement. Let’s make a day of it!


You’ll want to make sure you have the vendors you want. Your vendor list may look a little different than for a big wedding but if you want to get hair + make up done, flowers, a jeep rental [if we get to go off roading to a cool elopement spot!] or any other part of your day you’ll want to include. Also, depending on the state you get married you may or may not need to have an officiant marry you and/ or witnesses. I can make recommendations in the area you getting married and connect you with some talented vendors.


We are not wedding planners but, I have helped lots of our couples plan epic elopements. Sometimes we are the only ones there with you, so we’re here to make sure you have the most incredible elopement experience from start to finish. From obtaining photo permits at national parks, to vendor recommendations, to zipping into your dress, to planning the photo timing of the day, we are there for all of it and there for you! We can help you plan as much or as little as you like. Overall, we just want to get you two married + get some epic photos making your love official!

So, let’s plan this shin dig + get you hitched!